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About Macaw Tours



Macaw Tours was created with the idea and promise of showing Guatemala from a local’s point-of-view and lifestyle. We receive our guests as if they where family, and ensure the lifetime experience that they deserve. Macaw Tours is neither about commercial nor mass production. Macaw Tours is in the business of tailoring trips to meet the needs of our guests.
Macaw Tours is a company dedicated to receptive tourism in Guatemala. We are an “at-your-service” company that is here to solve any guest’s request. We want our guests to focus on exploring and enjoying each destination at their own leisure. Like a good friend of mine always says, “we will wine and dine you and take care of everything for you while in Guatemala”.
This dream started with an idea of having the opportunity to show and tell the world about my marvelous country—Guatemala. We are hard working, traditional, but savvy Guatemalan family business. Our first company founded in 2005, FISH4REEL, with the objective to offer fishing trips from the world capital of sail fishing—Guatemala. With time, we started understanding how to incorporate other destinations to make the guest’s visits more diverse and enjoyable. Guatemala has so many unique and beautiful regions, that it only made sense to expand our operations and open Macaw Tours.
Macaw Tours is a company that offers personalized services. We will show the places that we visit with our families, where we stay, where we eat, and what we identify for so many years as the best ways to appreciate the culture while visiting our icons that our represent the legacy of our ancestors from years past.
Macaw Tours believes that the right first impression can last a lifetime. Honor us with the privilege of showing the country of eternal spring weather. Please visit our website, and Facebook page. But be careful, even brief glimpses of Guatemala make visitors long to return.
- The Macaw Tours Team